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Katy Coffey - Singer Songwriter

Katy Coffey is a Singer , Songwriter from Manchester ,  she splits her time writing and recording in her home town as well as London , Germany and is set to travel to the US in 2021 to work with an LA based music production team. 

Some of Katy’s music is available on iTunes and all digital stores world wide , including her singles “ Let It Be You “ and “ Wake Me Up @ 17 “ which she recorded in Cologne in Germany. 

Katy also has big releases with CLUBLAND including lending her vocals to producers Flip And Fill for the hit song “ Sunshine After The Rain” a song that’s frequently played all over the world in nightclubs and radio. 

Katy still manages to do plenty of acting work and has worked in numerous stage productions including two theatre productions at the Lowry theatre. 

Katy has recently added a new skill to her many talents learning to DJ.  

She has booked numerous festivals and gigs as a DJ and can’t wait to share her sets with you all. 

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